Arctic Fox by Peter Cairns

Dancing Blue-footed Booby

McWay Falls

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Don’t worry, the text won’t appear on your blog so please don’t delete it because that’d make the post total useless to reblog c:
In this little project, I will match people who reblog this post (trying to look at age and blog styles) so they can start (s)talking to eachother, and maybe a friendship grows? This is to let you guys know eachother a bit more! You don’t even need to follow me.
Please only reblog this post once.
There is no limit of reblogs, but this ends somewhere around December 15 or a bit later, depending on the notes
Really talk with the person. A blog style doesn’t say if someone is nice or not, so give it a try!
I do my best to make pairs matching eachother with age, blog style, etc.
Have fun reblogging!

Dance Time - by: Curtis Bouvier